Tennessee Point Cemetery
(Briggs, Black Walnut, Walnut, Walnut Grove)

Rural Tremont
SW of SW of Section 17
Tremont Township
40 31' 36" Latitude     -89 27' 30" Longitude

Tennessee Point Cemetery was the first recorded land for burial purposes in Tazewell County.  On 5 May 1841, one acre of land was sold for $5.00 by Horace and Ellen Richmond to Michael Trout, William Sterling, and James Broyhill (Trustee of the burial ground) to be used for the benefit of the inhabitants of Tennessee Point -- "to be used for graveyard or burying ground and for not other purposes whatsoever."  (Deed Records Volume 11, Page 419).

Tennessee Point actually contains three cemeteries - the rear section is the original Tennessee Point, the southeast section is the Black Walnut addition, and the southwest contains the Briggs Cemetery (which was moved here).

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