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  • Amish Mennonites in Tazewell County, Illinois (including Woodford County) Revised & updated February 2018. Genealogy and history of ninety families that came to Tazewell and Woodford Counties between 1830-1856, compiled by Joseph Peter Staker.

Part One of Three: Historical Background. Eleven Families: Ropp, Staker, King, Belsley (revised), Schertz, Engel, Vercler, Roggy, Oyer, Mosiman, and Salzman. 419 footnotes, 265 pages, 2.79 MB.

Part Two of Three: Thirty-five families: Schrock (revised with additions), Gingerich, Farny, Schweizer, Camp, Ruvenacht, Abersoll, Leman, Bachman/Baughman, Gerber/Garber, Beckler/Becher, Nafziger (revised with additions), Beck, Donner, Kistler, Kennel, Unzicker, Roth, Zimmerman, Miller, Reeser/Risser, Maurer, Litwiller, Sommer, Rich, Ulrich, Brenneman (revised), Eigsti, Birky/Birkey, Sutter, Heiser, Augsburger, Stalter, Steinman, and Hauter. 488 footnotes, 383 pages, 3.72 MB.

Part Three of Three: Forty-four families: Zehr, Yordy, Esch/Oesch, Ehresman, Hochstetter (revised with additions), Schwarzentraub, Smith, Petersmith, Good, Plank, Goldsmith, Rediger, Kinsinger, Ringenberger, Springer, Dellenbach, Eiman, Schantz, Dettweiler, Gascho, Orendorff, Schlegel, Ernst, Roeschley, Wagler, Wagner, Steider, Klopfenstein, Ramseyer (revised with additions), Zook, Neuhauser, Householder, Strubhar, Yoder, Lantz, Kauffman, Sharp, Grubb, Beller, Ackerman, Martin, Imhoff, Habecker, and Jantzi. Acknowledgements. 595 footnotes, 431 pages, 4.06 MB.

Appendix: 1826, 1831, 1832, and 1854 passenger lists; Steiger; Zwalter; Yoders of the Oley Valley; Reust; Brickler; De Guibert; Chlopicki; Names; The Puzzle of Barbara Eyer; Wolber of Königsbach; Landes and Landes Mennonite Cemetery; Tazewell County Townships; An Anabaptist; Albrecht of Bureau County; Children of Christian Nafziger and Maria Stalter; Rocke; The Lewis County Settlement; The De Chaumonts and the Castorland Company; Joseph Bonaparte; Kiefer/Kieffer; Hirschy/Hirschey; Boshart; Laws of Canton Bern (new); and Von Diesbach (new). 57 footnotes, 71 pages, 1.38 MB.

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