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Research requests are processed by our volunteers as quickly as possible in first-come first-served order.  Since we receive between 40-60 requests/month, please allow 6-8 weeks for a response.  If your needs are not covered by one of the services described below, drop us an email for an estimate of cost.

General Surname Search

For a $20.00 donation (nonrefundable) we will search 10-15 of our indexed holdings for one surname (including spelling variations) and send you the results.  Holdings searched include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. 1850 and 1860 Tazewell County census
  2. Tazewell County Marriage Records 1827 - 1892
  3. Cemetery Records for all known Tazewell County cemeteries
  4. Tazewell County history books (1879, 1894, 1905)
  5. Probate Records Index through approximately 1933
  6. Land Plat and Atlas Biography Sections (1864, 1873, 1891)
  7. Early Land Records index (1827 - March 1838)
  8. Tazewell County Public Domain Land Records (first owners of land)
  9. Naturalization Records
  10. Surname Index

For example, a Smith surname search will include everyone with the surname Smith listed in the above ten resources.

If you are sure you have ancestors in 1820-1900 Tazewell County, this service is almost guaranteed to give you results!

Library Card

Pekin Public Library & TCGHS
Obituary Files

Library Card
We will search the TCGHS obituary files and make one trip to the Pekin Public Library to check the newspaper obituary file index for a fee of $5.00 for each obituary with a known death date. Obituaries with only a known death month and year are $10.00 per hour.  However, not all obituaries are in the index. Pekin Times obituaries are available beginning about 1916.

An exact date of death is needed to search for an obituary not in the index.  We can not do full years searches.

Marriage Records 1898-1938

The Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society has compiled an index for 1898 - 1938 marriages using the original returned marriage licenses which were in storage at the Tazewell County courthouse. These indexes may be consulted and/or purchased at our library or purchased by mail order.  Or, we can research them for you for a small fee.

TCGHS also scanned the original 1898-1938 licenses.  The society will provide a non-certified copy of the scanned license for $5.00. Please provide Groom, Bride, and Date of Marriage.  Here's how to order!

Courthouse Graphic

Tazewell County Courthouse Research

Limited research will be performed at the Tazewell County courthouse for a donation of $5.00 plus copy charges and/or applicable document fees as described below.  Subject to change.

Please specify the records you wish searched:

  • Non-certified copies of Marriage, Birth, or Death records prior to 1916 - $5.00 document fee.  You must purchase certified records as priced below for dates starting in 1916.  Please be aware that birth and death records were not always recorded prior to 1916.
  • Certified Birth records (beginning in 1878) - $16.00 document  fee.
  • Certified Death records (beginning in 1878) - $24.00 document fee.
  • Certified Marriage records (beginning in 1827) - $14.50 document fee.
  • Probate Records - $8.00 - includes $5.00 TCGHS donation plus $3.00 for postage and up to three pages of copy.  We will bill you if there are additional pages to copy.
  • Naturalization Records - $3.00 for postage and up to three pages of copy.  We will bill you if there are additional pages to copy. (Our society has extracted and published these records.  The documents give no more information than is found in our publications.)

Land Records

Land Records - $10.00/hour plus copy charges and postage (usually around $3.00).  If it takes more than one hour or six copies, we will bill you for the difference.  We need the approximate date of land ownership and/or land description.

Pekin Home, Business, & Property Search

For a $20.00 donation (nonrefundable) we will search 15-20 of our indexed holdings for one home, business, or property and send you the results.  Holdings searched include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Pekin City Directories

  2. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map (1931)

  3. TCGHS Photo File

  4. Pekin History Then & Now

  5. Pekin Pictorial Histories (Herget Bank)

  6. Pekin & Environs

  7. Pekin Commercial Club booklet 1912

  8. Pekin Post Tribune Industrial & Commercial Edition 1900

  9. TCGHS Vertical Files

  10. Tazewell County Atlases & Plat Books

  11. Herget Bank Historical Calendars

  12. Coles Souvenir Books of Pekin (2)

  13. Tazewell County Aerial Views 1954

  14. Don Nieukirk Postcard Collection

  15. Sid Eslinger Photo Collection

  16. TCGHS Deed Collection Index (does not include copies of deeds - available separately)

  17. Tazewell County Tax Collector’s Books 1890-1931

Please send us the name of the owner or business, address (if known), and approximate time frame (if known) along with your name, address, email, and payment.  If at all possible, our archivists prefer to communicate with you via email.  No research will start until payment is received - we do have an online payment option - just ask!

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Photo Service

We can now take cemetery photographs for you with a digital camera.  For a $10.00 nonrefundable donation, our volunteers will:

  • Drive to a cemetery and find your ancestor's grave.
  • Take a photograph of the cemetery entrance, a medium distance shot of the plot, and a close-up of the marker.
  • Take photographs of any additional graves at the same cemetery for only $2.00 each.
  • Send you your photos electronically attached to an email or posted on a website where you can download them at your convenience. Or, we can send them by mail on a CD-ROM or a black & white printed copy from an HP 4050 laser printer. Your choice of one, please!
  • Color copies from an HP 895 inkjet printer are available for an additional $2.00/photo.

Photographs of other subjects will be taken at similar costs.  All proceeds from the Photo Service go into the society's computer fund.

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Copy Service

We will copy pages from our newsletters, county history books, microfilms, etc. for $.25/page plus $1.00 postage & handling.

All Other Research

All other research requests not previously listed will be billed at $10.00 per hour which includes 3 copies.  One hour of research must be paid in advance.  Each additional hour will be billed at $10.00 per hour and 25¢ per page.  You must authorize any additional hours.  Otherwise, we'll only spend one hour on your request.

Drop us an email outlining your needs for an estimate of cost.

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Make all checks payable to TCGHS and send research request (along with self addressed envelope and two (2) unaffixed stamps) to Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society, PO Box 312, Pekin, Illinois 61555-0312.  If you'd prefer paying online via PayPal we can send you an email invoice (we must charge $1 service fee to offset the PayPal fee we must pay) - just email us.

No research will be done until initial fees are received.  Research requests are processed by our volunteers as quickly as possible in first-come first-served order.  Please allow at least 8 weeks for response.  

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