Tazewell County
Shelf Sitters

     The Society has released a series of Tazewell County Shelf Sitters which depict historic Tazewell County Buildings.  All of these buildings were regularly visited by Abraham Lincoln when he rode the eighth circuit during the late 1840's and early 1850's.  The shelf sitters vary in size but are all around 5" x 7".  They are about an inch thick and, of course, stand upright on their own.

      Start your collection today - cost is $15.00 each at our library or $19.75 mailed.  Or, you can order online for $20.75 using a credit card ($1 handling fee added to pass on the fees PayPal charges us).

Tazewell County Court House
Pekin, Illinois

Following inscription is on back:

The 3rd Tazewell County Court House
was erected in Pekin in 1849 and was torn town in 1914.
Within it was heard the voices of such notable men as
Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, David Davis, and others.


Jones-Menard "Red Brick" House
Tremont, Illinois

Following inscription is on back:

This house was built in 1845 by John Albert Jones, a close friend of Abraham Lincoln.  The east wing appears to have been added later.  Many notables entertained here including Lincoln, Judge David Davis, Judge Lyman Trumbull, Hon. Leonard Sivell, and Bishop Philander Chase.  Forty people dined here at the Lincoln rally in 1860.  The house was sold to Peter Menard in 1860.


Lilly Inn
Lilly, Illinois

Following inscription is on back:

The Lilly family settled her in 1835.  It is believed that the major part of the Inn was built in the 1830s.  Most walls are five bricks thick.  The house has fifteen rooms.  The front balcony was added about 1917.  The Lilly Inn served as a stop on the Danville-Bloomington-Peoria stagecoach road.  Abraham Lincoln was believed to have slept at the Inn when he rode the court circuit from Danville to Peoria.

Tazewell House
Pekin, Illinois

Following inscription is on back:

The Tazewell House, which was located at Front and Court Streets, was owned by William Tinney.  The hotel was one of Pekin's best and offered shelter to such prominent guests as Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas.  Tinney and Lincoln were boyhood playmates.


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